Alligators At Fontainebleau State Park
They may be seen in the swamp areas from time to time.

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Fishing, Canoeing, Kayak In The Waters Of The State Park
Below Watch "Swamp People" Catch A Gator

The American alligator was designated the state reptile of Louisiana in 1983.

Alligators are a fundamental part of the environment here in Louisiana. They manage the population of alligators by having a hunting season. Hunters are given so many tags to fill according to the number they filled the previous years.

The word "alligator" originates from the Spanish "el lagarto" meaning the lizard. Belonging to the southeastern United States, alligators build burrows, or "alligator holes" for shelter and hibernation.

A common male reaches 12-16 feet in length and can weigh over 650 lbs. Younger alligators have yellow cross-bands on a black background for camouflage. Grownups can be long and thin or very stocky and heavy.

After enduring almost the same given that the time of the dinosaurs, and having practically no natural predators as grownups today, alligators were moving towards extermination just 30 years ago due to over hunting and mismanagement. The Louisiana alligator population is alive and doing very well from the years when they were almost hunted out of extinction.

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Catch Louisiana Blue Crabs And Then Boil And Eat

Watch Bruce from the History Channel show, Swamp People.
He will show you how to catch the Louisiana blue crab and then boil them up and then his favorite part is eating the blue crabs. Bruce lives in Hammond, LA which is about 40 miles west of this State Park. In the video below Bruce will show you how to catch, boil and eat the Louisiana Blue Crabs.