Fontainebleau State Park Beach
White Sand Beach
The nicest white sandy beach on the lake can be found at this State Park. Great fun for the whole family.

State Park in the background.
Canoe And Kayak The Lake Pontchartrain Lakefront

Canoe rentals are available. This is a shallow water beach and is perfect for canoeing and kayaking. Paddle along the shore and see cypress trees with Spanish moss spread on the branches.

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Beach Front On Lake Pontchartrain

This is one of the few white sand beaches on Lake Pontchartrain in SE Louisiana. It is also the cleanest one I've seen. The beach is shallow which makes it ideal for young children. You can walk 100 yards out and the water is only waist high or lower. About 50 yards out it is only 1-2 feet deep. Bring your canoe and paddle along the lakefront and take a trip to the Mandeville boat launch. The marina and boat launch are on the Mandeville's lakefront just a stones throw west of the park. You can see the breakwater wall as it juts out from the marina.

Sidewalk leading to beach. Covered BBQ pit area on right of sidewalk.
             At the end of the sidewalk is the beach
              400 foot pier going into Lake Pontchartrain
                At end of pier looking back at the beach
     This is the main beach area. Another beach is by the cabins.
               Water is only 1 - 2 feet deep in this area

Lake Pontchartrain is a shallow lake with an average depth of 8 to 10 feet deep.  It is 24 miles across from the north shore in Mandeville to the south shore in Metairie. It is made up of brackish water with many rivers supplying the fresh water while the tidal surge brings in the salt water from the Gulf of Mexico. The lake was at one time a dead lake because of all the dredging for shells. The shells were used for road surfacing up until the mid 70's. Thanks to the "Save Our Lake" movement the lake is coming back to life and becoming a great place to fish.

Louisiana Blue Crabs