Canoe And Kayak On Lake Pontchartrain
Fontainebleau State Park Is A Great Place To Go Canoeing and Kayaking On The Beach

Kayak from the state park to the Old Mandeville Lakefront.

Lake Pontchartrain is a great place to go canoeing and kayaking. Check the weather before doing to far into the lake.


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The Northshore has many places where you can launch your canoe or kayak. One of the favorite places people pick is Fontainebleau State Park. You can put your kayak in at the main beach or where the beach front cabins are on the west side of the park. From there you are just a short distance from the Mandeville Harbor and Lakefront Drive.

Lake Pontchartrain Safety Information

A little information about Lake Pontchartrain before you head out into the lake. For safety reasons it is best to venture into the lake on calm days. If the wind is coming out of the north the lake should be calm. If the wind is out of the south you need to be careful. This is a shallow lake and can get rough water very quickly. A light ripple on the water can turn into dangerous waves that are very choppy. All it takes is for the southern winds to pick up or a sudden storm to appear over the lake. Afternoon storms pop up quickly due to the convection currents that interact with Lake Pontchartrain and surrounding land masses. There storms usually come out of the south and move northward. These storms have been known to produce waterspouts.

The water is calm now but can turn rough as soon as the winds pick up.
Lake Pontchartrain Storm Clouds

The Mandeville Harbor and Lakefront is just a short paddle in your kayak from the State Park. In the picture below you can see the two people in their kayaks along the wall of the harbor with the Fontainebleau State Park beach and pier in the background.

Close up of kayakers.
Kayak From Fontainebleau State Park To Mandeville Harbor and Lakefront

Kayakers with Fontainebleau State Park in the background.

Kayakers are in Lake Pontchartrain with the Mandeville Harbor main channel on the other side of the wall from them. The side they are on is calmer then the main channel. This channel leads to the harbor where there are several boat launches and hundreds of boat slips. There is also a waterfront condo community. You can also canoe and kayak at the Bogue Chitto State Park.