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Group Camps That Sleep 150

Group Camp Sleeps 30 Near The Beach


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Group Camps On The Beach

The park also offers three group camps (click here for group camp layout). Camp Number 1, which can sleep up to 150 people, and Camp Number 2, which sleeps 30, are located close together near the beachfront. A nearby swimming pool is available for guests at the three group camps and lodge. Great children activities.

Visit Fontainebleau State Park Cabins page on St Tammany Parish site.

These modern camps on the beach are perfect for the whole family. Nice screened in porches and stairs leading down to the water. The water in this area is shallow anywhere from 6 inches to 2 feet. You have a chance to catch the famous blue crabs that are a favorite with the local people. All you need is a chicken neck on a string and a scoop net. Take it slow and easy or the crab will take off! You can also catch them with a round drop net with a chicken neck tied in the middle. Leave your net down for about 10 to 30 minutes and there will be a good chance you will catch a crab. We boil our crabs in a hot seasoning here in Louisiana. Most all grocery stores carry some type of crab boil.

Camp Number 3 is located in another part of the park and can accommodate 65 people. A fishing pier with freshwater fishing is available at this camp. All group camps include dormitory sleeping areas and fully equipped kitchens.

Picture below is inside the kitchen/dining room.

Fishing Pond by Group Camp 3 - Reports of catching large mouth bass, brim, bluegills and socalay (a type of panfish).

Your Canoe & Kayak would be perfect for this very large pond.

Just across U.S. Highway 190 from the main part of the park is the Fontainebleau State Park Lodge. The Lodge includes sleeping facilities for ten people, with a maximum capacity of twelve, as well as a kitchen and two baths.

I do not list cabin prices on this site as they can change from time to time.
For reservations, call 1-877-CAMP-N-LA (877-226-7652) toll free.