Fontainebleau State Park-Nature Trails
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Trails at Fontainebleau State Park:
  • 4.8-mile hiking trail
  • 1-1/4 mile nature trail
  • The park's nature trail featured below is a favorite of nature lovers. You are actually in part of the Louisiana Swamps that you hear about and see in some movies. Come early and you will see a variety of birds and an animal or two. Maybe even an alligator. Usually early mornings and late evenings is the best time to see the wildlife. There are two viewing platforms, one about 6 feet above the water so you can see out a little ways. Remember to bring your binoculars and cameras for this walk on the wild side.

    At the end of this elevated trail are bench seats and a telescope so you can get those close-ups of birds and maybe even an alligator.

    Interpretive signs along the trail will help you identify many of the common trees and shrubs. Always be on the lookout for birds and other animals.


    Over 400 different species live in and around Fontainebleau. The Fontainebleau Birding Guide is a good resource for enthusiasts to identify the numerous species of birds found in the area.


    Bordered on three sides by water--Lake Pontchartrain, Bayou Cane and Bayou Castine--and characterized by a convergence of diverse ecosystems, it has a multitude of habitats for birds.